About Nisus Inc

INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS - Ubiquity by Nisus, the Nisus product suite, includes innovative solutions to wireless application design and implementation. Their Nisus Individualization Platform represents the evolution of application personalization from customer segmentation to individualization. Their actionable message model delivered with the Nisus Content Delivery Channel enables customers to react to messages that they receive from applications in a meaningful manner. These innovations, combined with the breadth of functionality delivered in the product suite, enable organizations to create next generation wireless solutions today.

SHORTEST TIME TO VALUE - Using the Nisus product suite and their experienced implementation teams, they offer the shortest time to value in the industry. Their Professional Services organization consists of seasoned veterans in wireless application design and delivery. Their collective experience has been distilled and refined into their 3D delivery model. Their delivery model is a new method for designing and deploying initial production quality releases of enterprise-wide wireless applications. 3D leverages their wireless technology and thinking to enable a rapid, progressive approach to the integration of the Nisus product suite and application deployment. It delivers business value immediately, while allowing for continued but non-disruptive improvement in application functionality.